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From the pastors

It is truly amazing what God is doing at Blue Oaks. For the past few years we have seen God do some incredible things in our midst. We have been honored to be a church where people find their place and new believers grow in faith. We have seen new ministry groups and Bible studies be a place where we can live life transformed.

For the past 3+ years God has been forming us into a multicultur- al community where people, young and old, continue to come to know Jesus. Today, He is calling us to mobilize this unique gather- ing of people, with all its amazing gifts, talents, passions and resources for a new and broader vision for outreach: to see a growing community of Christ followers, working together to make Jesus known in the Northwest Minneapolis area, inviting and inspiring others to follow Him.

Investing in a building of our own is a key strategy for reaching our community. Imagine the freedom and creativity that such a space will unleash for our volunteers and staff: flexibility for planning weekend worship times, well- designed classrooms and meeting spaces for children and youth, and opportunities for mid-week gatherings for learning and community building.

I want to challenge all of us to invest in the work ahead. When we choose to invest in God's ministry, we will undoubtedly share in the blessing of seeing God’s work multiplied.

From day one, we have been a church focused on welcoming all who walk through our doors. We named this the "Open Door Campaign" because its purpose is to build a door to Blue Oaks Church that is open to the community and through which all might experience Christ's love in a new way.

~ Pastor Nicole and Pastor Geoff Bullock

Our vision for Blue Oaks church

Blue Oaks Church was born in 2010 from a vision for multi-cultural church in the first-ring northwest suburbs that goes all out to reach the lost. From the passion of Pastor Nicole and Pastor Geoff Bullock to be an authentically loving and welcoming church home for families of all races, ages and phases the church vision was born: “Find Your Place, Grow in Faith, Live Life Transformed.”

Meetings began with 11 people in the basement of Brookdale Covenant Church and then at the local movie theatre. Over time, attendance rose steadily and Blue Oaks Church began renting The Edge Christian Worship Center for Sunday morning services.

Today the initial 11 has grown to over 200 on Sunday mornings (with some Sundays over 300), but the vision remains the same: to be an authentically loving church home.

Join us as we pray over the future of Blue Oaks Church and its role in building the Kingdom of God.

Specific prayer points for the Open Door Campaign include:

For those in the NW Minneapolis area that have not yet encountered a powerful and personal relationship with God

For God to pour out His generosity, abundance, and exuberance on the Open Door Campaign effort

For direction, wisdom, and discernment to identify the perfect location

For the covering of our future staff and ministries

Open Door FAQ

What is the Open Door Campaign? 

The Open Door Campaign exists to raise funds for a new building for Blue Oaks Church. This building will allow us to start critical new ministries for youth, young adults, families, and house our outreach efforts to the community. As a church that values hospitality having a building of our own is a critical part of our mission.

Will everyone be asked to give the same amount? 

No, but we will ask everyone to give generously and sacrificially. (Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice)

Will we accept pledges or one-time gifts? 

Both, but the focus of the campaign will be on 12-month pledges. One-time gifts will be collected during the public 40-day campaign and count towards the total pledged amount. Because acquiring a space will have up-front costs, we will aim for at least 10% of the overall total to be given up-front.


  • Milton Dodd

    We joined Blue Oaks to continue our tradition of locating a place to worship void of everything but the word of God. While we continued our search after visiting Blue Oaks Church the first time, we always knew this is where God was calling us to worship. Since joining Blue Oaks Church we have grown in our faith in God and can see the calling God has on the Blue Oaks Community.

    I remember a time while sitting with the family, a commercial for

    another church flashed on the tv screen. The Pastor stated if you are looking for a place to call home, please join us next Sunday to which my son Christian responded, "we already have a home".

    Blue Oaks Church has given us a place we can call home

  • amy davis

    We came to Blue Oaks looking for a church that would t our needs as a young family. We wanted a place that the kids enjoyed and that was smaller than the churches we had been a part of in the past. Initially, JD came to a service alone and the rest is history. We have been coming regularly since the fall of 2012. As a young family we really wanted to be apart of a church that we felt connected to. Kids love it. JD and I love it. We feel connected to a church for the rst time even though we aren't doing a whole lot to be involved. Its just easy for us to feel at home at Blue Oaks. We have our few friends we like to connect with on Sundays. We have hopes to be more involved via Bible Studies or whatever comes along in the future but for now we are excited to see Jesus each week at church through people and throughout the service.

  • Matthew & thalina

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